Virtual Property Management Service

What is Virtual Property Management

The practice of managing real estate properties remotely using digital tools and technologies. It involves the administration, maintenance, and oversight of properties without the need for physical presence on-site. For virtual property management we use various software platforms, communication tools, and online resources to carry out tasks of day to day property management.

The Advantages of Outsourcing your Property Management on an hourly rate to us:

We know you need a break or help sometimes, either from your day to day management or when you go on holiday or for illness or family issues.

Say goodbye to endless phone calls and emails, whilst maintaining full management control over your properties. 

We take on as many, or as little of the jobs that you don’t want to do, when it comes to successfully managing your properties to a high standard year after year.

At Key10 Lettings Ltd, we understand the importance of efficient property management. Whether you’re a landlord with multiple rental properties, a property management company overseeing a portfolio, or an owner of an individual property, our virtual property management services charged at an hourly rate are tailored to streamline your operations, maximise your returns and save you time and stress.

  • Save your Valuable Time. Our streamlined processes and digital tools save you time and effort. 
  • Just pick and choose the specific tasks you want us to do for you.
  • Better Tenant Care and Compliance – We understand the importance of having happy tenants in a property, we go above and beyond to make sure every tenant is heard and supported throughout their tenancy. Due to our experience we have an up to date understanding of all of the compliance needed to let your property successfully.
  • It is Cost Effective – We invoice on an hourly basis rather than a percentage of your rent. There are no add-on fees. No add-on charges to maintenance and certificates. You can pick and choose the hours that you want spent on a specific job or task. We will be with you every step of the way to provide our expertise to any job required. Also our costs are tax deductible (more information on pricing).
  • You still have full control of your houses.
  • We are Property Professionals with our own residential portfolio of 15 properties (owned for over 30 years) as well as a small Rental Agency (run for the last 7 years). We use our skills to manage our own Portfolio and Agency for the long term. All of our tenants are well managed and pleased with their service. 
  • With our experienced team and proven track record, you can rest assured that your properties are in good hands.
  • Try it – we are sure you will be impressed!

About Us:


Karl Naumann
Owner and Director
Business Degree
Qualified Chartered Management Accountant
35 years Portsmouth Property Experience
Owns 15 Portsmouth Student Houses

Joseph Laming
Property Manager
University of Portsmouth Graduate – 1st class honours degree in Business and Management
Managed and renovated a number of properties around the Portsmouth and Fareham area before joining Key10 Lettings in 2021.

Sara Fialova
Property Manager
Masters graduate from Portsmouth University. Worked in insurance before joining us to pursue her passion in property.