Refer a Friend for £100*

If you have friends or know other students who are looking for student accommodation in Portsmouth simply refer them to Key10 Lettings, and we’ll give you £100*.

Why Refer a Friend?

Do you like the look of our houses? or are you currently enjoying, or have previously enjoyed your experience with Key10 Lettings? 

You could earn £100 by simply telling your friends about us!

Just tell them to contact us and make sure they mention that you passed them on!

There’s no limit to how many friends you can refer

A big part of our business is recommendations and referrals.   We genuinely do our best to ensure all our tenants have a great experience renting with us in our student homes. Go on  – Refer a Friend to us!


You currently live in one of our houses, or have moved out, or you know someone living in one of them, or will be moving into one next year, or you just like our houses.  It doesn’t matter.

You have a friend who is looking for a 5 bedroom house.

You mention to them our website and that they should look at our houses; remembering to tell them to say that you referred them on to us.

Your friend goes on our website, books a viewing with their group of house mates, like what they see and asks to reserve a house. Before they actually sign the paperwork for the house they tell us that they were referred by you. They would say “We were referred to you by Jane Smith ( or mobile number)”

As soon as all paperwork is signed and sorted we will transfer you £100.

And all you did was tell one other person about us! 

You can repeat this for any number of your friends and acquaintances!

Terms and Conditions:

  • We need to be told of the referral before the group actually signs the paperwork for the house – so let us know either when booking the viewing, completing the application form or any time before signing the contract for the house.
  • Not applicable when tenants are staying on in the same house and signing up for the same property they are already living in (we normally give other incentives for this anyway). It is applicable to students staying on in the same house who refer/recommend us to students who take a different property. It is applicable to students currently living in one of our houses who are vacating and refer/recommend to students who take their current house.
  • The group have to complete the paperwork and signing of a contract on a property – so if they book a viewing but decide not to proceed the referral scheme doesn’t apply.
  • There are no limits to how much you can earn – for example, if you help us sign five of our properties, you’ll earn £500!
  • The reward is paid to the 1 person that is mentioned to us as doing the referral (you can share it after payment if needed).
  • This scheme applies to whole houses and not individual rooms. The referral reward only applies if the person you told rents the house as a whole – e.g.  he/she has a group of housemates and are looking for a house to rent together.
  • The whole house has to be rented – so we wouldn’t accept 4 people who want to live in a 5 bed house..
  • The person has to remember to tell us that they were referred by you (before the contract is signed)!