Our Environmental Policy

Our Policy Is to:

  • We ask landlords to provide a green energy supplier for the house (where possible). The large majority of our houses managed provide 100% green energy. This is subject to pricing. Our recommended supplier (Bulb) supplies 100% green electric and 10% of the gas it supplies is Bio, Bulb states (currently) it also offsets carbon for the remaining gas usage.
  • The houses have full loft insulation, cavity wall insulation where possible and house thermostat and controllable radiators, double glazing and low energy lighting.
  • We will repair items until it gets to the point when better to replace. When repairs are needed, we try to source products that are trade quality and last as long as possible. We are aware that shared houses can get a lot of harder wear and tear than family houses and that items provided need to be robust and last.
  • It is in our interest to only do repairs only once. It costs a lot for a tradesperson to visit the house to repair an item. Longer lasting items and well-done jobs help reduce these costs and resources so this is both good for the environment and good for our costs.
  • We provide tenants with information on bins and recycling.
  • We provide tenants with information on reducing condensation and how to manage and control heating a house. This is important as it may be the first house that tenants have lived in under their control. Condensation costs to rectify.
  • We provide a washing line where possible so clothes can be dried outside when weather permits.

You Can Help:

  • Control the house heating for yours and the house’s requirements, use the thermostat and timer.
  • Spend a few minutes less in the shower.
  • Switch Appliances and lights off when not needed.
  • Look after the house as repairs cost and use resources.
  • Recycle – read the council recycling requirements.
  • Use a water-bottle instead of buying plastic bottles of water (this saves you money as it is a lot cheaper)
  • Dry clothes outside when possible.
  • Don’t waste food.
  • Use lids to pans when boiling water.
  • Only fill the kettle with water that will be used.
  • Encourage housemates and friends,
  • Walk or cycle when possible.
  • Avoid buying goods you don’t need or have excess packaging and use your own bags, buy your fruit and veg loose (there are some great local Greengrocers).
  • Bulk buy with housemates.
  • Use eco shower products and avoid nasties on your skin and micro-beads down the drain.
  • Make sure you Vote  – You do have a say in whatever future you want.

If you have any questions regarding to our environmental policy, please feel free to contact us.