Complaints Procedure

We hope that this information is never required. That’s our objective for all our customers. However, we do need to provide a formal complaints procedure that’s clear, fair and timely. Complaints are exceptionally important to us, we treat them as opportunities to learn and to make things better. That’s why, if you’re not happy with anything at all about our products or service, we really do want to know about it.

If you do wish to get in touch with us regarding a complaint, please put it in writing (email best), including as much detail as possible. 

We will do everything we can to try and resolve things straight away, but on occasion this just isn’t possible as a bit of work has to go on behind the scenes to investigate exactly what’s happened, so we can work out so we can work out the right course of action.

Where this is the case, here’s how things will work:

We’ll acknowledge your complaint within 3 working days, by email. We’ll tell you the reason why we couldn’t resolve it straight away and who is in charge of dealing with your complaint and how to contact them if you need to.

We’ll aim to reach a decision regarding how to proceed regarding your complaint within 15 working days of it being made. Decisions are always confirmed in writing to you.

We’ll aim to resolve your complaint within 8 weeks of it being made as an absolute maximum. Rest assured that we’ll always tell you if there’s going to be a delay beyond this date.

If you are still not satisfied after the last stage of the in-house complaint procedure (or more than 8 weeks has elapsed since the complaint was first made) you can request an independent review from The Property Ombudsman without charge.

The Property Ombudsman
Milford House
43-55 Milford Street
01722 333 306 

Please note the following:
You will need to submit your complaint to The Property Ombudsman within 12 months of receiving our final viewpoint letter, including any evidence to support your case. 

The Property Ombudsman requires that all complaints are addressed through this in-house complaint’s procedure, before being submitted for an independent review.