Key10 Lettings Quality Portsmouth Student Accomodation

Utility Bills

All houses have “Bills and broadband included” to make life easy.

  • “Bills included” will save you dealing with utility suppliers and hassling housemates for their share of the bill money, no large shocks at end of tenancy, no more getting up in the morning to a freezing house in winter!
  • Broadband is included in all properties  - this means that you are set up from day 1. No dealing with service providers at a time when they are very busy with thousands of other students moving in.

Gas and Electric and Fair Usage Clause

  • For the Gas and Electric we (or the landlord) we have a fair usage allowance for Electric and Gas for the whole term of the contract.
  • Any amounts over this will have to be paid for at the end of the contract. The amount is a generous allowance and it is unlikely that you will exceed it if you are sensible with your energy consumption. The allowance takes into account student lifestyles and has been based on 5 years of student usage and projections. This policy is to ensure usage is not excessive.  
  • At the start of your tenancy, either the landlord or KEY10 Lettings will record meter readings for all metered services e.g. Gas, Electricity and in some cases water supply/waste and take care of all account information.
  • We will ask for meter readings through the year and will monitor usage. In the event of over-usage being identified during the term of the tenancy, we shall inform you by letter or by an arranged house meeting, where we will discuss the areas that need to be considered.

Council Tax

  • You are liable for the council tax on the property but Student houses with full-time student occupancy are exempt from council tax.
  • We supply the council with student identification numbers and names of occupants and the council provide the property with a council tax exemption. With this exemption no council tax is payable.
  • If there are any changes from full-time student occupancy council tax will become liable. Students who are in receipt of Housing Benefit or Income Support, or are only part-time or in the event they drop out of full-time university will cause the property to lose the Council Tax “Student Exemption” status. In such case, the tenant(s) become liable for the cost incurred.
  • If there is one working person or “non-student” the house then the house will receive a 25% council tax discount. For two working persons then the full council tax will apply. Students on placements as long as they are registered full-time students will still receive the council tax exemption.

Broadband Internet

  • In all properties, Broadband will be included and the service will be provided by a broadband supplier such as Virgin Media. The provision of this service will depend on the broadband suppliers conditions.
  • You are responsible for all usage and all content of the internet used at the property. You are not allowed to undertake illegal activities or to access material of an unlawful nature through the internet and you are responsible for any actions. Copyright violations will be the responsibility of the users.
  • Speed of the internet quoted is the providers quoted speed and is normally the maximum possible, any issues with provider speed we will be able to help notify the supplier of any problems.
  • If your usage breaches this policy we reserve the right to cancel the service without notice.


  • Water supply in Portsmouth is provided by Southern Water and wastewater service is provided by Portsmouth Water.
  • Both water bills will be paid for in a bills inclusive property. Sometimes water supply will be metered and if so will be covered by a fair usage policy.

TV licence

  • TV licence is not normally provided, tenants are responsible for obtaining a TV licence if they will be watching live TV. Often tenants use an amazon fire stick to view catch up TV which is not liable to a licence (apart from BBC Iplayer for which you will need a licence).