Key10 Lettings Quality Portsmouth Student Accomodation

House Safety

Safety is our number one concern:

  • All houses will have current Gas Safety Certificate, Mains Smoke Alarms will be fitted as required, Carbon Monoxide detectors provided, Fire blanket provided, all houses will have a current Electrical Safety certificate. All houses are registered with Portsmouth City Council and licensed. All electrical appliances will have been PAT tested as required.
  • Once you have moved in, check that you can open any windows and doors that may be your escape route in the event of a fire.
  • Check where your fire blankets and smoke alarms are.
  • Practice a fire drill and work out a strategy for safe evacuation.
  • Modern smoke and heat sensors are very sensitive and may annoyingly go off whilst cooking or burning toast! However, they are provided to save your life, which they cannot do if disconnected. Do not tamper with them or remove them. They are there for your safety.
  • We do not allow candles or tea lights