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For any repairs required please use the house Whatsapp group or email us on and we will have a tradesperson come round as soon as possible during normal working hours. The out of hours numbers are a backup service for real emergencies only.

Is it really an Emergency?

The Emergency “Out Of Hours” phone numbers can be found on your House Notice Board. Please note that there is a difference between a genuine “Emergency” and “something you would like fixed very quickly”. It is very important that you understand the difference as Emergency call out charges are very high.

If you call the emergency service for a non-emergency, we do reserve the right to charge you for this misuse.

For example, if you have water leaking from a pipe and you can not turn the stopcock off and it’s causing a major leak, that would be an emergency. If the leak was small enough and you could put a bucket under it it is not an emergency and please just email and we will get fixed the next day.

No hot water or heating at night is not an emergency as it can wait until the next day (as it would in your parent’s house).

If the roof is leaking in a storm at night it would be impossible for someone to fix it at night in the rain so you would have to put a bucket under it, let us know and we have someone round the next day.

If the power goes off at night, check the trip switches (see house booklet), and email us, we will have someone the next day.

If your shower or bath has a leak, do not use it until we can fix it; if there is a large leak switch the water off at the mains. These are not emergencies as we can fix the next day.

We do respond to requests to repair an item straight away, sometimes something like a boiler can not get fixed the next day as a new part may need to be ordered (for example), or you may have to wait a day or two for a new appliance to be delivered. We will ensure that all repairs are dealt with as soon as practically possible. Due to the number of houses we have and the good relationships with tradespersons we have, we would be able to have items repaired sooner than a normal residential property.

Locked out:

Be careful not to lock yourself out of your room or house with your key inside, sometimes the doors can slam with the wind.

If you do get locked out, firstly use any spare keys provided or housemates keys; Secondly, the key contact on notice board may be able to arrange to let you in out of hours (at a sociable hour). We may also be able to arrange if you contact us. There is a call out charge for this service, which will be deducted from your deposit (see fees).

Please respect our team and do not ring up at unsocial hours, if you have lost your key during unsocial hours you have a choice of sleeping on a friends sofa or calling a locksmith (please note… they are not cheap).

If a locksmith has to let you in by changing the barrel on a front door lock, you will have to pay for new keys for all members of the house, plus a 3 spare copies for us in addition to the new lock and locksmiths charge. Also, any other incidental costs incurred by us in changing keys over.

If a locksmith has to change an internal lock you will have to pay for keys for yourself and 3 copies for us in addition to the new lock and locksmiths charge.