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Area Guide

As well as choosing your house and housemates, the area that you choose will also be important. Here is a quick guide to the areas in Portsmouth.

In Portsmouth, initially, all areas can look very similar with the same style of terraced housing, however, when you get to know your way around you will find that each area has its own individual character.

Gunwharf Quays is an outlet retail destination plenty of restaurants, bars and cafés, there is also a cinema, Bowling Alley, Art gallery and nightclub.  Most residential accommodation is flats. This is a fantastic place to live however most landlords with property here will unfortunately not take students. There is unlikely to be many student options but for those with a big budget, this is the place to be!

Southsea, this is the most popular student location with the highest density of student properties. It is a walkable distance to the university. The free university bus runs along Goldsmith Ave (which is in the northern section of Southsea)  The popular roads of Elm Grove and Albert Rd are main arteries that run through the area, these roads have plenty of shops, restaurants, bars, cafe’s and student and local life mix here.

Albert Road is a bustling street of independent traders, quirky shops, fabulous restaurants, trendy bars and cafes, retro clothes, antiques and crafts. Renowned throughout the area for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and interesting outlets, Albert Road is buzzing day and night

As you get close to the seafront the houses do become more expensive in general (and the student options become less).

Fawcett Rd also runs through the area which has a residential section and a section with a number of second-hand furniture stores that run for the student market.

Southsea does have a shopping centre (around Palmerston and Osbourne Rd, just to the North of Southsea Common) and precinct which holds a farmers market on certain Sundays.

There is a great seaside common and beach!

Fratton this area is roughly marked out by being north of the railway line and Goldsmith Avenue (that the university bus runs along). You may find some good value accommodation here as accommodation tends to be a bit cheaper than neighbouring Southsea. There is a shopping centre on Fratton Road, called The Bridge Centre, which is dominated by a large Asda supermarket. Fratton Road is the main road that runs through the area which has a number of shops

Eastney, this is a residential area of Southsea, generally with smaller terraced houses popular with families, with any accommodation here you will get good value but will have to have some sort of transport as it will be a bit of a hike to university. It does, however, have a naturist beach at the east end of the seafront!

Old Portsmouth, this is the oldest quarter of Portsmouth, there are some old pubs and historic buildings and even its own beach at “Hot walls”. It is a very desirable area of Portsmouth and a fantastic place to live and would be ideal for the university as in close proximity.  However, there is not a lot of student accommodation available, with the majority of the rental houses being professional tenants. You will pay a premium to live here.

Portsmouth City Centre, this was the original shopping centre for Portsmouth, however, since the development of Gun Warf it has lost its status as the number one Portsmouth shopping destination and can appear a bit run down. There is not much accommodation in the centre, what there is will most likely be flats. However, if you can find somewhere it is a good close location to the university and transport links.

Somerstown is an area known for being one of the most deprived wards in the city with its highrise social housing, but over the past 20 years, it has been the subject of a major regeneration initiative. The location is close to the university and you may find some good value accommodation here.

Portsea, this is a residential area but there is not much student accommodation, perhaps as it is split from the university by the city centre and some main roads. Any accommodation will be slightly cheaper here.

Buckland, Landport, NorthEnd and Copnor these northern areas of the city are not popular student areas due to the distance from the university, however, if you find a place it may be a bit cheaper but you may need some transport to get to and from the university.